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when your snot freezes

yeah, i went there.

as i rolled out of bed this morning, i seriously debated if i should drive to work. the minus seven temperature that displayed on my weather.com app, or the fact that authentic weather was telling me that it’s “hypo fucking thermic” outside was enough to convince me that skipping standing at the bus stop was the route to go.


but, as the morning carried on, and i showered, took katy out for a short walk, and finished getting ready, the doom of paying $10 to park set in. or the fact that the roads are still crappy.

so, i bundled up as best i could, turned on the ipod, and set off for the bus stop. and, that second i stepped outside i couldn’t breathe. the brutal cold literally took my breath away. and, i’ll be honest, the snot in my nose immediately froze.

i was instantly transported back to my childhood, to snow days. snow days filled with sledding down art hill in saint louis, building snowmen in the front yard, and tossing snow at every friend within throwing distance. i found myself chuckling over the fact that as a kid, if the weather is cold enough, your snot would freeze. and how hilariously funny you thought it was.

as the bus pulled up, i’m pretty sure the other two people standing at my stop were wondering what the hell i was laughing over. if they only knew it was my boogers.

my first bus ride.

don’t let the post title fool you. i’ve ridden the bus before. in middle school. in high school. when i stayed with my mom in london. hell, i’m pretty good at public transit, managing to maneuver around paris not knowing a lick of french.

but, why oh why is it so terrifying the first time you decide “it’s best i take the bus to work.”? i’ll tell you why — because you need exact change. and who carries cash these days? well, i don’t. besides those few rogue pennies at the bottom of my purse that magically replicate.

so, as i’m waiting for the bus this morning, i keep counting my cash in my coat pocket (concealed, of course, i’m not crazy), because the partial ocd in me wanted to make sure i didn’t lose that damn quarter. and, as the bus pulled up, i religiously stared at the number on the front to make sure that it was, in fact, the bus i needed to hop on (it was).

stepping on board all proud of my public transit decision,  i dropped my $2.25. yeah, i was “that girl” holding up the bus. but i hurried off to a seat, and quickly realized i’m glad i have an earlier stop and a later one to hop off at, because boy is the number 10 a popular bus.

and, as i hopped off, a block from my office, i quietly pat myself on the back (figuratively) and carried on my merry way with arcade fire in my ears.

olive + chambray + purple.

the wind was ridiculous today, so i opted for layers, knowing that the wind would find a way to make me cold. not sure what’s up with denver weather lately, but it’s been 60 one day and 40 and wacky windy the next. most certainly not the worst of weather, but not ideal either.

cozy sweater, a hint of floral on the denim (channeling spring), and chambray to balance it out. warm and fun.

olive chambray purple sweater

sweater: madewell | blouse: madewell | denim: gap | shoes: madewell

stripes + hot pink.

i’m back! with my quirky outfit posts, because i’ve been feeling like mixing all the colors and textures and patterns like crazy lately.

up today? a hot pink window-paned blouse and striped sweater, topped off (bottomed off?) with a pair of lace-up boots.


blouse: j.crew | sweater: madewell | denim: madewell | boots: forever 21 | necklace: anthropologie

stripes + pleats + lace.

the temperatures might be dropping in denver, but i haven’t worn a skirt in so long, i was bound to make this the second time in one week. i also have not worn this skirt in over a year. as in, back in my wedding planning days. so, it was about time it made an appearance. this time it was re-incarnated in a hipster-y outfit.

paired with mauve, lace cut-out tights, my steve madden boots, striped t-shirt and oversized cardigan. it’s casual, but not, at the same time. i could have easily worn flats (and you totally can), i just really wanted to wear boots.

image (5)

t-shirt: madewell | cardigan: gap | skirt: forever 21 | belt: j.crew  | tights: forever 21 | boots: steve madden | necklace: anthropologie | bracelets: one thousand villages, alex and ani, i heart colorado

sparkles + plaid.

don’t mind me. i’m just trying to wear every piece of plaid in my close this week. and, those glitter shoes.

that sweater jacket? thanks, work, for the awesome christmas present. i’ve worn this thing twice since i received it (see: i got it two days ago). it’s now my house coat, jacket when i don’t need a jacket, and “cardigan stand-in” when i don’t want to wear a regular cardigan. shout out to prAna for making this amazingness to begin with.

i digress. plaid and sparkles is likely one of my favorite combos. and, for good reason. it’s the easiest way to take the mountain man look and girl it up.

plaid sparkles outfit

blouse: banana republic | sweater coat: prAna | denim: target | shoes: target | belt: j.crew

lace + sparkle + plaid.

hello holidays. more like, hello to all of the sparkly things in my closet because now is a better time to wear all the glitter.

today is my office’s holiday party, and leave it to me to feel the need to touch glitter. also, it’s supposed to be 65 today. what? exactly.

lace plaid sparkle

blouse: forever 21 | skirt: ann taylor loft | tights: target | shoes: target | belt: express | bracelets: j.crew

booties + chambray.

thank you, forever 21, for these booties. the perfect little heel for height. the peek-a-boo sides, which means they can go from spring to summer to fall to winter (just add tights). and with a rolled up denim, it makes this outfit a little rocker city chic.

oh, and, there’s that chambray again. sorry i’m not sorry.

image (2)

blouse: forever 21 | sweater: gap | denim: holding horses via anthropologie | booties: forever 21 | coat: patagonia

the head and the heart.

this concert. i don’t even know where to begin.

besides the fact that i got to see one of my most favorite people. someone incredibly important to me whom i have not seen in several months. my goodness did that make my heart full.

and, the fact that i got to share this show with him, one of the people i witnessed the head and the heart with the very first time in st. louis with, was just icing on the cake. add to it that i was able to share my favorite band with one of my other favorite humans? happiness and full hearts all around.

i’ll leave you with this one photo. because i took maybe five total. because i was too busy enjoying the lyric of every song — from “another story” to the always-makes-me-cry “rivers and roads.” the entire show was emotional, and happy, and magical.

The Head and The Heart at the Ogden Theater in Denver

red + moto.

i might just try to wear this vest as many times as possible this week. we’ll see.

but, you’d probably find this silk blouse traditional paired with a cardigan or tucked into a high-waisted skirt. i wasn’t having any of that today, so i paired it with a dark pair of skinnies and my moto vest for an edgier look. i laid low on the accessories, mostly because i’ve been trying to do so for a while now.

image2 image

blouse: j.crew | vest: target | denim: target | shoes: forever 21 | watch: timex