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notes to yourself 24.

you’re not a morning person. you never have been and likely never will be. but, you’ll need to “fake it ’til you make it” because riding the bus to work (while fun and interesting) does increase your commute.

so, take care of yourself. go to bed a bit early whenever you can, so you can get to work a little bit early. after all, 5:30 yoga waits for no one.

notes to yourself 22.

life will surely send you hints and nudges about making your next jump. don’t ignore them. listen.

there’s a reason why the universe is hinting at you. because, something is on the horizon. don’t rush it. let it happen. let the pieces fall as they may. it’ll only prepare for what actually happens. and when it does, jump with all your might.

besides, you like sky diving, remember?