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new music tuesday, february 11.

we’re only a month and a half into the new year and there have already been a few great album drops. today is no exception with the release of mark kozelek’s latest album under his sun kil moon name. hell, even pitchfork agrees, and that pretty much never happens.

sun kil moon. this album carries so much beauty. full of heart-wretching lyrics, truths, and the mindless lyric rambles kozelek is known for. like his other albums, the album wreaks of melancholy, a tone i’ve loved for as long as i can remember. he does manage to work in a few quirkier tunes with “dogs” and the closing track, “ben’s my friend.” i also love how he worked in panera bread into two separate songs (i’ll let you listen to figure out which two).

“carissa” kicks off the album with a somber tone, telling the story of his second cousin, whom he barely knew, but took a familial liking to, and her tragic death. and, like albums of the past, he’s tossed in the names of his friends like ben gibbard of the postal service. likely two of my favorite tracks are those he wrote about his mom, “i can’t live without my mother’s love” and his dad, “i love my dad,” which show a side of kozelek not often seen.

since my first listen of this album over a week ago, i’ve replayed it more times than i have fingers. and on snowy days or cold days, or even cloudy days, it’s the perfect album. probably one of my favorites, although i’ve nearly loved every sun kil moon and red house painters album.

favorite track(s)?: carissa, richard ramirez died today of natural causes.

grade: A+

2014 albums i’m most excited about.

2013 had its fair share of amazing music releases. so, i can’t fathom the idea of another awesome music-filled year. but, 2014 is looking to be an awesome music year, too, with much anticipated releases from the decemberists, joanna newsom, and ryan adams.

first up is broken bells next week, and then all of the below amazingness (in no particular order).

  • fleet foxes
  • the decemberists
  • joanna newsom
  • real estate
  • wye oak
  • beck
  • death cab for cutie
  • phantogram
  • broken bells
  • young the giant
  • kanye
  • modest mouse
  • my morning jacket
  • ryan adams

what album releases are you most looking forward to?

the head and the heart.

this concert. i don’t even know where to begin.

besides the fact that i got to see one of my most favorite people. someone incredibly important to me whom i have not seen in several months. my goodness did that make my heart full.

and, the fact that i got to share this show with him, one of the people i witnessed the head and the heart with the very first time in st. louis with, was just icing on the cake. add to it that i was able to share my favorite band with one of my other favorite humans? happiness and full hearts all around.

i’ll leave you with this one photo. because i took maybe five total. because i was too busy enjoying the lyric of every song — from “another story” to the always-makes-me-cry “rivers and roads.” the entire show was emotional, and happy, and magical.

The Head and The Heart at the Ogden Theater in Denver

playlist: november 11, 2013.

i’ve been meaning to do this for a while now.

for those who know me, they know music is my life. it’s full of life and emotion, and pretty much gets me through my everyday. and, while i don’t actually play an instrument (aside from that one song on my ukulele), my appreciation for it is out of hand. and, evidenced by the fact that you’ll find me at a concert nearly every week. or that out of my closest group of friends, about half of them are musically talented.

but, i digress and now present to you a feature id’ like to aim for weekly – a playlist. a compilation of tunes that match my days. every week, it’ll be different. hopefully you’ll enjoy, and hopefully you find something new to add to your music library.

this week’s playlist consist of mellow folk tunes. something about fall just brings out a piece of me that wants to hibernate, re-charge, and relax.

new music tuesday, october 29

i don’t even know where to start with the summation of this year in music, and we’re at october 29th, folks. but, i mean, between daft punk, the national, head and the heart, my bloody valentine, and now arcade fire. ugh. seriously.

arcade fire. thank you arcade fire for your after-SNL special a few weeks back. seriously made my weekend. not to mention the amazing cameos. and, let’s also not forget the preview of four (yes, four) new tracks off of this album at that same time. “after life?” yes, please. you already had me sold with “reflecktor.” your haitian music influence and disco feel immediately make this album an A++ in my books.

grade: A++