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true detective. the ending.

oh hey. i’m still here. just going to dive right into last night’s true detective finale for obvious reasons.

what i’m trying to wrap my head around right now is the fact that the beautifully written and directed series took the biggest turn i have ever seen a series take in the last 15 minutes. the character development during the entire season led you down an entirely different path – one that really pushed anyone watching the show to develop an infatuation with both mcconaughey’sĀ and harrelson’s performances.

so, what is it about those last 15 minutes? i’ll tell you.

  • directorially, the show never slipped in and out of black screen transitions. in other words, the full story played out really well the entire series. yet those transitions broke up the story.
  • rust found religion, or at least understood it. at least that’s how i’m interpreting it (and it appears that the atlantic plus a handful of my friends agree with).
  • were we supposed to laugh that much during those closing minutes? it felt so wrong for a storyline drenched in child sex abuse.
  • i have so many questions about the conspiracy of the cult. i want to know more. and knowing that the way pizzolato wrote the story, season two will likely be an entirely different storyline with different characters in a different location. so, how do i get answers, yo?

are you satisfied with how the premiere season ended? come on, i want to know!


let’s talk about this film for a second.

i’ve seen many-a-comment discussing how “weird” or “strange” it looks. or just having an aversion to the idea of the film in general. and, it seriously breaks my heart.

because there is nothing weird or strange about this film. it’s beautifully shot. the set design and costumes are stunning. the use of color is perfect. scarlett johansson is stunning as samantha, and the amazing part is that you never actually see her in the film. but you can feel her.

the storyline is impeccable. its a beautiful metaphor for our relationship with people and technology. and, all this talking about the movie only makes me want to go see it in theaters again. it is most certainly a film i will be purchasing once available.

and, let’s talk about the score for a second, because, wow. it was produced by a few members of arcade fire, and is perfect. it adds the perfect element of emotion and feeling to the already beautiful storyline. and, you’re in luck, because you can stream it on 8tracks. it makes for great, mellow work music, bath and a glass of wine music, reading on the bus music, or if you’re just looking for something beautiful to listen to. so, go. and, listen. you can thank me later.

Spike Jonze’s Her (OST) from Kinceyk on 8tracks Radio.

early oscar + movie thoughts.

– Her. I loved this film. The cinematography, the music, the script, Scarlet as Samantha. I already shared my sentiments on this film.

– American Hustle. Meh. It was a good film, but I think there are plenty of other films nominated that are better and more deserving of Best Film. I lived the soundtrack and the story, but didn’t love the acting or how the film dragged on.

– The Grande Bellezza / The Great Beauty. Incredible. Beautiful. Loved loved loved this film. I would happily see this again in theaters.

– Wolf of Wall Street. Great film. That 3 hours flies, and Jonah Hill is so good in this movie. Definitely over-hyped, but the story and cinematography is great.

– 12 Years a Slave. Beautiful. Seriously wonderful film. I’m really hoping for a Best Supporting Actress win for this film.

– Inside Llewyn Davis. Great film. Great music. A true Cohen Brothers film. The realism is great, and John Goodman is a good character.

– Nebraska. Ugh, so good. Will Forte is fantastic. And, June Squibb, who I’m pulling for in the Oscar fight. And, let’s not forget Bruce Dern! A must-see, and I love that it was filmed in black and white.

Still need to see (in theaters):
– Dallas Buyers Club
– God Loves Uganda
– Blue is the Warmest Color
– A Touch of Sin

And, rent:
– Blue Jasmine
– Mud
– Take Shelter
– Killer Joe