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my first bus ride.

don’t let the post title fool you. i’ve ridden the bus before. in middle school. in high school. when i stayed with my mom in london. hell, i’m pretty good at public transit, managing to maneuver around paris not knowing a lick of french.

but, why oh why is it so terrifying the first time you decide “it’s best i take the bus to work.”? i’ll tell you why — because you need exact change. and who carries cash these days? well, i don’t. besides those few rogue pennies at the bottom of my purse that magically replicate.

so, as i’m waiting for the bus this morning, i keep counting my cash in my coat pocket (concealed, of course, i’m not crazy), because the partial ocd in me wanted to make sure i didn’t lose that damn quarter. and, as the bus pulled up, i religiously stared at the number on the front to make sure that it was, in fact, the bus i needed to hop on (it was).

stepping on board all proud of my public transit decision,  i dropped my $2.25. yeah, i was “that girl” holding up the bus. but i hurried off to a seat, and quickly realized i’m glad i have an earlier stop and a later one to hop off at, because boy is the number 10 a popular bus.

and, as i hopped off, a block from my office, i quietly pat myself on the back (figuratively) and carried on my merry way with arcade fire in my ears.

a new gig.

so, i started a new job yesterday. working in a pretty sweet building in downtown denver. a mere block-ish from my favorite denver-based burrito joint. not that one, this one. although, chipotle is always a good choices.

the good news is that i get to continue making things happen in digital and social. the bad news is, well, there is no bad news. sure, i have to ride the bus to work, but hey, no more buying gas. you know, because filling up once a month was a hassle to begin with.

i’m down the street from some of my favorite people who work in the area (hello lunch dates). there are a million windows in this office. i can’t even. my last office had nary a window in sight, so this is magical. and, i get to work on a mac again. can you hear the angels singing?

okay, now i’m just bragging. but, the reality is, that sometimes one door closes in life for a reason. cliche, right? i know. but it’s true. my last job was a great experience. i was able to work for a fortune 100, on the “client side,” and can now tout some pretty cool work on my resume. but, due to reasons beyond my control, i was in the market for a new job. and, while this is day two, i’m in awe of how much i know i’ll enjoy this new chapter in my life.

if you had asked me if i would be here a year ago, i would have told you otherwise, because a year ago, i had different aspirations. but things change. people change. even in less than a year. so, yes, while things are different on this 21st day of january, it’s some of the best change i could ask for.

now, if you excuse me, i need to get back to work and figure out how to ride the bus to work tomorrow.

the head and the heart.

this concert. i don’t even know where to begin.

besides the fact that i got to see one of my most favorite people. someone incredibly important to me whom i have not seen in several months. my goodness did that make my heart full.

and, the fact that i got to share this show with him, one of the people i witnessed the head and the heart with the very first time in st. louis with, was just icing on the cake. add to it that i was able to share my favorite band with one of my other favorite humans? happiness and full hearts all around.

i’ll leave you with this one photo. because i took maybe five total. because i was too busy enjoying the lyric of every song — from “another story” to the always-makes-me-cry “rivers and roads.” the entire show was emotional, and happy, and magical.

The Head and The Heart at the Ogden Theater in Denver

i get it. midwest weather is unpredictable.

hey st. louis, i have a bone to pick with you. and, given i’m a native midwesterner, i’m allowed to pick on you.

having spent more than 26 years of my life in st. louis, i know how unpredictable the weather can be. one day they say it’ll snow, but really it rains. or it’s supposed to be 75 degrees, but it ends up being 45. cool story.

so, what’s my issue? you know, when it snows, and everyone in st. louis freaks out. the roads are crappy, they didn’t plow or salt. the grocery store is out of milk and bread. and, what was the weather outcome? they only received an inch or two of snow.

well, let me tell you a little story. we don’t plow in denver, you know, unless it’s over a foot. salt? i don’t even think i’ve ever seen the city of denver salt the roads.

so, let me paint you a picture. well, not actually paint, but instead share a photo i snapped last night after hearing brene brown speak.

photo (9)

see that sheen on the road? that’s not because the road is wet. that’s because the road is frozen. i’ll repeat that. the. road. is. frozen. as in, no, the city of denver did not salt the road. or plow it. in fact, i didn’t even see the trucks out yesterday (because we only received about three inches in total). and, it’s almost as if the city comes alive when it snows. people take their dogs to the park. kids run around in the snow. people continue on with their merry lives like any other day.

so, why am i even talking about this? because i’m here to offer you some advice. next time it snows in st. louis, even an inch, don’t freak out. don’t buy the grocery store out of milk. learn to be patient when driving, and know how to get yourself out of a snowy situation.

and, if you don’t like the unpredictable weather, maybe it’s high-time you move south.

madewell. insider event.

now this i’m pretty excited about.

i’ve teamed up with madewell at the cherry creek shopping center in denver to host an insider style event on wednesday, november 6th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

what does that even mean? good question.

come by, say “hi,” check out the latest in their fall collection (including some of my favorites below), and if you spend $125 or more while you’re there, you’ll receive 20% off of your entire purchase.

and, for the fashion-challenged, i’ll be there to help you pair pieces. and, can even help you pick out a new outfit that’s perfect for the fall temperatures.

Madewell Pieces


1. blouse 2. skinny denim 3. ankle boots | a. t-shirt b. vest c. loafers d. coated denim

p.s. you should also take a peek at madewell’s spring collection. the brand is previewing it today on instagram, and even this fall-loving girl is pining for that blue palette.

windy ridge indian quarry. steamboat springs.

i’ll never miss an opportunity to go on a new hike anywhere in colorado. and, that’s exactly what happens every time the best friend is in the state. given that they hiked devil’s causeway the day before and hauled up pretty quick, we opted for a lighter hike the day i could partake.

windy ridge indian quarry was on they started a few days prior, but because of the thunder and lightning turned back. we weren’t going to let the weather get in our way this time, so we gave it a chance, taking off at the trailhead around noon.

the hike starts a bit up hill. in the woods, with a winding trail. not too far into the hike, you meet up with a jeep trail that comes in from your left, but a pile of rocks (cairn) lets you know to turn right to continue on the path. you continue you through before you catch up to the babbling brook. it has been raining nearly every day in colorado, so in some places, branches and logs were laid over areas where the water had run over (which was now pretty muddy).

in some areas of the trail early on, you’ll encounter vegetation that really narrows the path. be sure to wear long pants to save your legs. eventually you’ll be greeted by a small open prairie with beautiful wildflowers (if you hike through in the summer) before you head back into a woodsy trail. at this point, you will have hiked nearly a mile and a half before you come across a large open prairie, with beautiful views of the mountain hills and even a herd of cows. we happened to see them hanging out in a large aspen grove off to the left. a quite vocal herd.

as you trek across the prairie, keep your eyes out for cow patties. let’s just say you’ll need to wash your boots after this hike. once you’ve made it across the prairie, which should likely take you around 30 minutes, you’ll hit a woodsy, covered area of the trail, which means you are not far from the quarry summit. as you continue to hike, you’ll be greeted by a trail to the left and right, head to the one on the left and continue up. you’ll catch a glimpse of the beautiful rock from the quarry as your ascend to the top. through a few aspens, and you’ll find your way at the top.

a few words to the wise:

  • don’t pick up any rocks along the way even at the quarry summit. this is a protected site and it is illegal to do so (and punishable by law).
  • if you choose to walk out to the far rock at the summit, just be careful. it’s been suspended for a thousand years and fragile.

photo (10) photo (9) photo (7)

the summit is the perfect area to stop for lunch before making the trek back down. and you have beautiful views of lake lily and agnes lake, as well as rabbit ears. enjoy the scenery while you’re up there.

the roundtrip hike is just under 6 miles, and should take you 2 to 3 hours, depending on pace and how long you choose to chill at the summit.

it’s a pretty easy hike, mildly flat, with a few areas where the incline / decline is steeper. could be a great hike to take the kids on.

inner hippie.

when my friend brandt asked about shooting again, i was more than game. call me ridiculous, but i really enjoy being in front of the camera. so anytime a photographer friend says ‘let’s go shoot.’ you can pretty much assume that i’m in.

he was aiming for a hippie-esque feel in the fields / mountains of colorado. sign me up. i pulled my fave free people dress and took off for matthews-winters park near red rocks this afternoon. it’s almost as if the weather knew we were shooting today, because the clouds moved in at the right time, avoiding any harsh afternoon sunlight.

and now i’m just rambling on. because, really, you should just enjoy these photos.

IMG_3442 IMG_3445 IMG_3450 IMG_3456 IMG_3461 IMG_3465 IMG_3467

© brandt campbell

that steamboat trip. summer 2013.

let it be known that steamboat springs will forever hold a special place in my heart. why? well, i’m not sure other than i just love steamboat so so much. it has to be one of my most favorite colorado towns. and, it’s just absolutely perfect in the winter, spring, summer, or fall.

i left late sunday night to drive the 3 hour drive in the dark. the first time i have driven in the dark to steamboat. just as fun as in the daylight. and, what was waiting for me at my destination? my best friend. of whom i had not seen since the last time she and her husband were in steamboat (see: a year ago). my moving out to colorado only put more distance and another time zone between us. it was so good to see her and catch up face-to-face. we talk on the phone as much as we can, but it’s not the same.

drinks were consumed. laughter was in abundance. stories were told. and so much fun was had.

my short trip consisted of drinks when i arrived. a hike with a beautiful view at the end. and, a scenic drive home the next morning. the trip was short. too short. but i wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to head up to my favorite colorado town to visit one of my most favorite of people.

let me add that this was my first trip to the mountains this summer. let’s not talk about how it took me until august to make that happen. instead, enjoy these photos.

photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (10)