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when your snot freezes

yeah, i went there.

as i rolled out of bed this morning, i seriously debated if i should drive to work. the minus seven temperature that displayed on my app, or the fact that authentic weather was telling me that it’s “hypo fucking thermic” outside was enough to convince me that skipping standing at the bus stop was the route to go.


but, as the morning carried on, and i showered, took katy out for a short walk, and finished getting ready, the doom of paying $10 to park set in. or the fact that the roads are still crappy.

so, i bundled up as best i could, turned on the ipod, and set off for the bus stop. and, that second i stepped outside i couldn’t breathe. the brutal cold literally took my breath away. and, i’ll be honest, the snot in my nose immediately froze.

i was instantly transported back to my childhood, to snow days. snow days filled with sledding down art hill in saint louis, building snowmen in the front yard, and tossing snow at every friend within throwing distance. i found myself chuckling over the fact that as a kid, if the weather is cold enough, your snot would freeze. and how hilariously funny you thought it was.

as the bus pulled up, i’m pretty sure the other two people standing at my stop were wondering what the hell i was laughing over. if they only knew it was my boogers.