photolong before blogs became popular, i had a blog.

nice eye roll, by the way.

it’s true. just like every freaking millennial out there, i too, had a blog. you know, during the days of xanga and livejournal.

fast forward 4+ years ago. i started a pretty successful wedding blog. of which i still own, but have a team of awesome gals running the show (and to which i owe a lot).

but, i can’t talk about weddings forever. so, here’s the latest blog in my life of blogging. fruits.nuts.flakes. a nickname i adopted after moving out to colorado.

so, without boring you about where the name came from, i’ll tell you this. fruits.nuts.flakes is me. it’s my home. my center. my closet. my music. my friends. my life. it’s every bit of who i am. and i hope you find something here you like.


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