early oscar + movie thoughts.

– Her. I loved this film. The cinematography, the music, the script, Scarlet as Samantha. I already shared my sentiments on this film.

– American Hustle. Meh. It was a good film, but I think there are plenty of other films nominated that are better and more deserving of Best Film. I lived the soundtrack and the story, but didn’t love the acting or how the film dragged on.

– The Grande Bellezza / The Great Beauty. Incredible. Beautiful. Loved loved loved this film. I would happily see this again in theaters.

– Wolf of Wall Street. Great film. That 3 hours flies, and Jonah Hill is so good in this movie. Definitely over-hyped, but the story and cinematography is great.

– 12 Years a Slave. Beautiful. Seriously wonderful film. I’m really hoping for a Best Supporting Actress win for this film.

– Inside Llewyn Davis. Great film. Great music. A true Cohen Brothers film. The realism is great, and John Goodman is a good character.

– Nebraska. Ugh, so good. Will Forte is fantastic. And, June Squibb, who I’m pulling for in the Oscar fight. And, let’s not forget Bruce Dern! A must-see, and I love that it was filmed in black and white.

Still need to see (in theaters):
– Dallas Buyers Club
– God Loves Uganda
– Blue is the Warmest Color
– A Touch of Sin

And, rent:
– Blue Jasmine
– Mud
– Take Shelter
– Killer Joe